“‘bridge figures’ … people engaged in the larger process of cultural translation, brokering connections and building understanding between people from different nations.  -Ethan Zuckerman, Rewire, (2013)                                                                                                    


D o you know Sheema Kermani?

A Pakistani dancer and women’s rights activist, Sheema is our first bridge figure. In 1979, she founded Tehrik-e-Niswan (The Women’s Movement) in Karachi. For more than 30 years, she has staged plays in low-income urban and rural communities that touch on taboo topics, including domestic violence, rape, and the importance of girls’ education.  Follow her on Facebook.

Learn more about Sheema and women’s rights in Pakistan.

build bridges, break walls

Bridge Figures is a human rights organization that scales the potential of artists, activists, journalists & other agents of social change to build bridges and break walls in a data-driven world


Art, activism, and journalism defy boundaries. We believe personal connections and shared understanding across physical, digital and cultural borders are essential to a future that is dignified, sustainable, free, and fair for all. Artists, activists, and journalists have the potential to build bridges and break walls in and for a data-driven world. We use networked strategies, data-driven tools, and academic research to unleash this potential and connect local artists, activists,  journalists & other agents of social change with citizens across borders and at scale.


T hey are our advisors:

  • Shahidul Alam – Photographer, Activist & Founder Drik, Chobi Mela, & Majority World, Dhaka
  • Dounia Benslimane – Cofounder & director Racines, Casablanca
  • Dr. Vishakha N. Desai – Special Advisor to the President of Columbia University, New York City
  • Russel Hlongwane – Performance Artist & Vice President Kwa Zulu Natal Society of Arts Gallery (KZNSA Gallery), Durban
  • Susa Pop – Founder & Director Public Art Lab, Berlin
  • Jamila Raqib – Specialist nonviolent action, executive director Albert Einstein Institution, fellow, MIT Media Lab, Boston
  • Daniel Cinta – Creative director buró de innovación, Mexico City





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