Research Lead


N Ada Bakr  is a researcher, curator and cultural manager. She holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Media Arts Cultures from Aalborg University, Denmark. For two years she studied at Media Arts Cultures, an Erasmus Mundus joint master programme between Austria, Denmark, Poland, and Hong Kong.

Currently, she works on different art and cultural projects in Berlin and Cairo related to digital art and culture, art and activism, digital rights and new media art.

Nada is the Managing Director and co-curator of Cairotronica – Cairo Electronic and New Media Art festival, a biennale festival of international exhibitions, live performances, workshops, artists talks and screenings. She is also a researcher and a project manager at Disruption Network Lab – Berlin. At the lab, she works with a wide spectrum of topics on digital rights, privacy, hacktivism, whistleblowing, human rights and art activism embodied in diverse practices within social, political and economic affairs.


Other team members:

Magnus Ag, Founder & Director

Geoffrey Cheng, Multimedia Lead

Pere Ferrera, Chief Technology Officer

Ana Pastor, Storytelling Lead

Nina Shapiro, Chief Social Officer

Theresa Züger, Co-Founder & Deputy Director