Pere Ferrera

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


P ere Ferrera is Bridge Figures’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and an experienced engineer, mentor and consultant with experience both in Big Data technologies as well as in machine learning.

Pere started working in challenging start-ups during his studies and never moved away from the entrepreneurial environment. During his +12 years of professional experience he has built planet-scale data architectures, published big data research papers and created two open-source projects. As one of the few early adopters of big data technologies Pere co-founded the company Datasalt and ran it as CTO from 2011 to 2016.

After moving to Berlin in 2012 Pere was twice elected part of the committee of “NoSQL Matters” conferences and co-founded Berlin’s “Big Data Beers” meetup. Later he took part as mentor in the “Data Science Retreat”. From 2016 Pere has worked as an independent consultant, deepening his expertise in machine learning and applied artificial intelligence. He is also an experienced jazz musician.


Other team members:

Magnus Ag, Founder & Director

Nada Bakr, Research Lead

Geoffrey Cheng, Multimedia Lead

Ana Pastor, Storytelling Lead

Nina Shapiro, Chief Social Officer

Theresa Z├╝ger, Co-Founder & Deputy Director